The Realness of School Curricula

curriculum1How do you think that school curricula are developed? This is an entry point to this topic and whatever you write will be fine.

How are school curricula developed and implemented? What new information/perspectives does this reading provide about the development and implementation of school curriculum? Is there anything that surprises you or maybe that concerns you?

Prior to the reading, I thought school curricula were developed by subject specialists along with the Ministry of Education, with input from parents and stakeholders that hold an interest in the subject (i.e. for physical education curricula, Saskatchewan Physical Education Association would be consulted).

After completing the reading, I learned that curricula is political because of the impact that politics has on public policy. Voters may very well decide the decisions about curricula that will be in place when they vote in a political leader. Political leaders will do what they can to make their voters happy, and if their base is highly conservative, well, the government will likely make decisions based on far-right views. That is, if the governing party has enough time to implement all of the changes they they had promised (the four-year election cycle is not as long as it seems in regard to public policy).

I am concerned that voters often do not know the detriment they may cause when they elect a new leader. For example, Doug Ford will likely do more harm to Ontario’s residents than Kathleen Wynne ever did, but because Wynne had been in a negative spotlight for her exuberant spending, many voters would have done anything for a change, even if that includes electing Ford. Voters can be short-sighted when they are outraged, and that is concerning.




2 thoughts on “The Realness of School Curricula

  1. I too thought the same thing when I was posed the ‘before’ question. I believed it was people who would have the student’s interest in mind, not their voters! So concerning! How do you believe this should be fixed? Should the government no longer have such a strong foothold in the creation of curricula?


  2. I like the example you give about Ontario’s current government. It gives context to our reading and makes it possible for the reader to imagine how real life government affects our curriculum. I was also shocked to read about how four years is actually very little time to make any significant changes.


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