Getting Back to Small Town Life

I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be interning in Churchbridge this fall. I can’t explain how much I am looking forward to getting back to small town life. Growing up on a farm, I told myself that I was “made to live in the city”. Seven years of city life later, I am so done with it. Being able to move to a small town for four months is going to be a much needed breath of fresh air for me.

While I’m excited for a change of scenery, I am of course nervous for internship. Admittedly, I don’t have very high self efficacy for – well, lots of things. Although I have done some cool things in my life, I still often doubt that I will succeed in many things that I do. Interning will be a very important stepping stone in helping me to gain self confidence and the belief that I can be successful as a teacher.

As I prepare for my internship, I am trying to set a healthy mental foundation for myself. I’ve begun decluttering my home in order to make the move easier and to reduce the stress of having so many material possessions. I have also begun setting intentions to help stay balanced (or as close to balanced as possible). One intention I’ve set is to read one non-PD related book per month (September to December). I suspect that most of my reading time will be on weekends, but who knows, I might surprise myself. I have three books paved out so far, and am keeping an ear and an eye open for a fourth. Stay tuned.

While I plan to be immersed in my internship, there is only so much I can do until my sanity goes by the wayside. I plan to commit to one extra-curricular activity. After committing to one, I will decide if I am mentally and physically up for anything additional. I, of course, also plan to do as much running as possible and have already scoped out some gravel roads that will provide me with many much-needed runner’s highs.

I plan to treat my blog as a journal throughout my internship so please subscribe to it or check back occasionally.

Until next time,



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