Academic Goals


  1. Become a teaching assistant in either semester seven or eight at the University of Regina. The work that they do to help a corresponding professor seems to be helpful for the professor, and educational and opportunity-enhancing for the teaching assistant.

What can I do to help achieve my goal?

  • Being involved in the classroom setting. I will need to be an active participant in class discussion by asking questions, giving input, paying attention and participating in group discussion. In semester 1, I was a note-taker in a class for a student who was not able to do so for him or herself.
  • Achieve at least the minimum grade in the KHS faculty needed to become a teaching assistant.

What skills will help me reach my goal?

  • Academic skills. I will need to maintain a certain minimum average in order to be considered for this role.
  • Research skills. In order to find the minimum average to maintain as well as how to apply for the position, I will require research skills.
  • Interpersonal skills. I will build and exercise these skills by developing good relationships with my professors in the KHS faculty. It is productive to have conversations with my professors outside of the classroom, whether it be in personal or through UR Courses or Webmail. Gaining a relationship with my professors will set me apart from other students, and the professor will likely choose someone for the position that they are acquainted with rather than someone whom they cannot match a name to a face.

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