Connecting the Dots: Final Field Reflection

Although all my experiences spent in the classroom seem to have merged together, I think that this shows how connected all of the ideas were that we discussed on the blog postings. Technology in the classroom tied to how the students value their learning because my co-operative teacher uses technology to enhance the students’ learning. Observing the teacher and curriculum, we may ask how the teacher implements technology through their teaching of the curriculum. Another question to analyze is how technology encourages or discourages inclusiveness in the classroom. All aspects of the classroom play a major role in the education of students. However, certain aspects left me with goals to achieve through my path of becoming a teacher.

Three goals I have set for myself are to learn more about Aboriginal history and how to teach it in my future classroom/s while promoting inclusiveness of other cultures and religions. My second goal is to find, or discover, the balance between traditional and modern techniques of teaching with technology that is right for me, as well as any given group of students I may teach. My third goal is to always promote inclusiveness in my future classroom/s.

 Every week in the classroom, I found myself observing and analyzing the topics that we had discussed in the weeks prior. I asked my teacher how he promotes Aboriginal history and treaties in his teaching. I looked around the classroom and noticed trends of inclusiveness including, what does that group of friends have in common? Why are those girls passing notes? What can I do to help these students resolve this situation? I felt I was actually aware and able to make the correct decision due to having reflected on my values and thoughts revolving inclusiveness, in the weekly discussion topics.

This experience affected my journey to becoming a teacher by enabling to see the positive and negative aspects of a classroom. I was able to see the smile on a student’s face when they discovered the correct answer to a math question, and when a student was able to hand out snack for the rest of the class. I was also able to see the obstacles that the teacher and students face in the classroom. By talking one-on-one with my co-operative teacher each week, I learned the struggles that he has faced, and how he is overcoming those struggles. I was able to see first-hand the innovation that is present in today’s classroom and how it has changed since I attended grades five and six.


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