History and Governance in Education in Saskatchewan

How Much Governance do Teachers Have?

After reading about governance in schools, it surprises me that some teachers believe they have little input or governance in the decisions that are made for a school. Reading about this made me realize just how much sway (governance) teachers themselves actually possess. This exact thought has been lingering in my mind for quite a while. Before I read about it, I honestly thought that teachers are ants in the school system (worker bees abiding by their superiors). Now I know that is false. There must have been some part of me that knew that this was false, otherwise I would not have chosen to become a teacher.

This is my interpretation of governance within the school system:

Superintendents and boards are the decision makers in the broad spectrum, but teachers are the ones that influence the decision makers, such as the superintendents and school boards. I think of it as a democracy: everyone has the right to vote, and who they vote for wins. Same goes for decisions at the school level: teachers have their say, and whatever they decide, the board rules (with a few exceptions).

As for government, I think that they absolutely have sway and impact on the school system. However, we (becoming teachers and teachers) hope that government’s decisions will be made in the best interest of the teachers and students. This will likely not always be the case, but from what I have seen, I agree with most of the decisions that government has made to our schools within the past couple of years (yahoo for more schools!).

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