Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is comprised of a series of statements. 

I believe…

…we should not judge another being without knowing their story, and therefore treat them with kindness, respect, and empathy.

…forms of discipline for children should be used carefully and selectively. Let them show their true colours as a self-exploration technique, as that is, after all, how they develop identity and self.

…everyone’s teaching philosophy is different because we all have a different past, and different experiences.

…teachers and parents need to work as a partnership and to understand and respect each other. Children’s identities are being shaped in (and out of) school, and positive teacher reinforcement and support by parents is pivotal. To the same extent, teachers need to support the parents of their students, as there may be hidden detrimental factors playing a role in children’s lives at home.

…teachers must show support and be readily available to their students’ needs, and intervene in unfavorable situations. However, teachers also must also practice self-care (at times a high level of it), because if they cannot care for themselves, they cannot effectively care for others.

…in the progressivism and existentialism philosophies of teaching. To ensure student success, we must adapt to the student’s learning level while encouraging reflection and exploration to one’s own ideas and beliefs.

…in Paulo Freire’s quote discovered thereafter his death, “I could never think of education without love and that is why I think I am an educator, first of all because I feel love.”

…education must shift from standardized to individualized.

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