Effective & Efficient Studying

I used to get so stressed out if I had to study for an exam or quiz. In my second year of university (first year of Education/Kinesiology), I learned that if I prepare far enough in advance, my stress was cut by around 75%. This also correlated with better grades.

Below, I lay out some methods I have learned to help me study more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Drink a warm beverage. In the fall and winter seasons, I like to sit down at my kitchen table or library cubby and let the soothing and calming effects of my favourite tea help relax me. 
  2. Use the Pomodoro technique. I downloaded the app on my phone after learning about it at a Student Success Centre studying tips session and hearing that it had worked for my boyfriend, I was sold. The timer keeps you focused on the task at hand while letting you have small breaks at first, and then one long break. Our brains can only effectively focus on something for a certain amount of time, and this technique lets you study with minimal time wasted.
  3. Listen to classical music. I like YouTubing long Mozart piano sessions so that I’m not constantly flipping to find a different one. 
  4. Turn the phone upside down. If my phone is face-up and a notification pops up, do you think I have enough willpower to leave it alone? (Rhetorical question!). Also, turn the ringer off.
  5. Prepare lunches and snacks in bulk. Don’t be running to the grocery store every day because you’re out of food at home. Stock up on fruits and vegetables for quick snacks for a good energy kick. Prepare main meals in bulk, such as in a slow-cooker so that you don’t need to spend three hours in the kitchen every day when you could be studying. 

I hope that you try these techniques and that they are as effective for you as they are for me. Comment with your favourite studying tips!

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