Entry 2: School and Community

At recess today, one of the students stayed inside rather than going out because she was sick. I took the opportunity to ask her a little bit about her community. This school is unique in that most of the children have to be bussed in because their old school had shut down, so everyone moved to this school, even if they don’t live nearby. This student glowed when speaking of her community. Her kokum lives “three or five blocks away”, and so she spends a lot of time learning how to sew from her kokum. She also goes to Dessart Sweets a lot because her kokum near it.


The school as a whole had an assembly in the gym today before noon-hour. It took a whole hour, which was awesome. What a great way to get children involved in their school as a whole and learn to take pride in the school they are such an important part of. This was also a great opportunity for ME to see first-hand the school’s community: the students, staff, administrators, and students’ families. I was astonished by the amount of family members that came to see their children’s’ achievements and keep in the know about what’s going on at the school, but most importantly, supporting their children’s academic life.

By the way, yes, I absolutely sat on the gym floor with my students! I felt that by doing so, I had a better chance in ensuring that they were paying attention and avoiding (and not causing) distractions. Needless to say, it worked well.

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