Entry 3: Teachers and Knowledge

My teacher uses a lot of technology in his classroom. He does so for a variety of reasons. One reason is that using something interactive as a teaching tool keeps the student’s attention better than if he were to give them a sheet of paper with the same instructions. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, most of the students are at quite a low learning level. By use of computer programs such as Google Classroom and Google Read and Write, the teacher is able to watch the students complete their assignments LIVE! How cool is that? And why hadn’t I heard of this before?

Another reason that he uses computers as opposed to paper is that the students are used to using technological devices at home (gaming systems, mostly). The students are more comfortable with using computers and, as my teacher stated, if that’s the way that they’re going to do their (best) work, then that’s what is going to be used. Google Classroom also allows the teacher to send comments and suggest edits to students within the program. I think that is so cool. That way, the students need not be ashamed when they put up their hand to ask a question or to feel like others are critiquing them.

My teacher and I spoke about curriculum, and the conflict between following the government rule of sticking to curriculum for that grade, and the fact that some of his students are three years behind their grade level in most subjects. Can you imagine having to teach triple digit multiplication to a student when they cannot answer “what is 4*4?”? How do teachers balance teaching the curriculum but modifying lessons simultaneously?

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