Entry 4: The Value of Learning

This week, I observed how the students value their learning. There are a few students in particular that have a great desire to learn and do their absolute best. Those are the ones who usually ask me for help constantly, because they want to learn the material, and they want to know they are learning it correctly.

What is being taught are a lot of self-efficacy projects. The students have had a few projects over the last little while where they have had to think on their own how to exercise a certain project (ex. they did presentations today on which they had gotten to choose their topic – and I got to help mark them! Insert mini-dance here). My teacher and I discussed last day how the students tend to not know which direction to go in when they are given self-efficacy based assignments. They seem to need to be given very detailed instructions, and even those sometimes fail. As I have mentioned previously, the use of technology definitely aids the students in their learning, as it helps keep their attention.

I have a lot of faith in these students and know that many of them can, and will, do well if they try and utilize the resources available to them.

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