Writing the Self 2

North to South, Not East to West

Saskatchewan. It’s unlike any place I have visited. Alberta and Manitoba may also be prairie provinces, but I am always able to sense when I’m no longer on my stomping ground. When I was living on Prince Edward Island, I would be able to tell you that even if I had lost most of my senses. As much as the ocean was freeing and the people were super friendly (too friendly for me, at times!), it was obvious to me that I was secluded on a small island surrounded only by water. There were no sky scrapers like there are in Saskatoon or Regina, there were ice storms (okay, snow days from school were pretty sweet), and most importantly, I had no family there.

When I found out my Dad and sister were going to fly out and attend my college graduation, I couldn’t have been more excited. I began crossing the days off my calendar, eager for their arrival. The time went as quickly as I could have hoped, and the day had come. I took the bus to the airport, as I didn’t have a car on the Island, and waited impatiently in the tiny airport (seriously, the whole airport was, like, two medium-sized rooms). Finally, I see my sister and Dad and I rush toward them, balling my eyes out. I think they were wondering why I was so hysterical. Over the next few days, we toured the coast, ate lots of seafood, and laughed a lot. All I could think was, “Why couldn’t they have been there the whole time?”

Saskatchewan is my family, it is my home, it is my root. Whether I am at the farm I grew up on in the forest-filled North, or down South taking in the prairie skies, I know that Saskatchewan will forever feel like home. It took moving away to realize that. While I enjoy experiencing new places (Ontario may be the prettiest province I’ve ever seen), I know I am a Saskatchewan person at heart.

One thought on “Writing the Self 2

  1. Hi Lacy,
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this response. I really enjoyed your story. I could relate to not being “in your stomping ground”, although I have never lived away from Saskatchewan. I really felt amiss when I was away in England for 2 weeks. It must have been a strange feeling seeing water rather than land for miles on end. The physical place can be missed but when you have family it really doesn’t matter as much where you are. How long were you in PEI and what were you studying there.


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